Terms and Conditions:

The charges for your charter bus are based on your destination and duration of your trip. Any additional mileage or hours not disclosed at the time of booking your trip may result in additional charges to your original quote. Driver tips are not included in your price, but tips are gratefully accepted.

A deposit, as listed on your contract, is due from you within 10 days of your receipt of the contract. Failure to send the deposit may result in a cancellation of the charter. The full deposit amount is refundable only if your coach is canceled no less than 30 days in advance of your trip.

Prohibited Substances
Smoking, controlled substances, deadly weapons, explosives and any other illegal items are prohibited on all coaches. All animals except guide dogs are prohibited on coaches. Alcohol for passengers age 21 or older is permitted but may require a deposit.

Federal Regulations
The Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety, has adopted certain regulations for the protection and safety of both the customer and the driver. Drivers are limited to:

  • 15 consecutive hours on duty in any single day; of this 15 hours, a maximum of 10 hours in any single day may be actual driving hours.
  • Upon reaching a destination, if the driver's total driving hours have been used, the driver must have a minimum of eight (8) hours off duty before local service may be performed or to begin an extended period of driving.

Fuel Surcharges
Fuel charges will be assessed when your charter trip is quoted and will consist of the difference between the assessed price quoted and the National average price of diesel fuel at that time.

New Mexico Texas Coaches, LLC, is not liable for damages to or loss of baggage or other personal property. Baggage and all other personal property will be handled at the passenger's risk and only in an amount that can be conveniently carried in the storage areas of the charter coach. All damage caused intentionally by the customer or due to the customer's negligence to the coach by the customer or any of it's passengers will result in a charge by the carrier to the customer.

New Mexico Texas Coaches, LLC, reserves the right to lease equipment from another company in order to fulfill this agreement.